webrtcdsp and webrtcechoprobe on Windows

Attila kocsisa01 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 19:42:10 UTC 2020

Thanks again. After experimenting a bit with the last suggestion I ended up
with a buffer-time of 10,000 on the sink and 30,000 on the source. This
seems to suppress voice echoes reasonably well on both test computers.

My problem now is that there is a strong high pitched echo - it's like
ringing. It's almost as if the suppressor only works on certain frequencies
and leaves others to echo freely. Below is my modified script. 

Any suggestions on how to get rid of this "ringing"?

wasapisrc buffer-time=30000 ! audioconvert ! audio/x-raw,
layout=non-interleaved ! webrtcdsp noise-suppression-level=high
echo-suppression-level=high ! audioconvert ! webrtcechoprobe ! audioconvert
! wasapisink buffer-time=10000


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