Exporting gst-inspect-1.0 plugin documentation to .json file

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Sun Jun 21 16:56:15 UTC 2020

Long story short, I'm currently developing a framework to allow for a
"drag-and-drop"-like interface for
[gstreamer](https://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/) elements. The idea is an
in-browser experience that the user can select gstreamer plugins and
"connect" them accordingly, creating a full-pledge pipeline dynamically and
without any programming required (required properties are selected by the
user via the interface as well). 

My current issue is verifying that the elements selected are connectable
through their sink and src pads. Due to the constraints of the system design
the idea currently stands for the users browser (without any gstreamer
dependencies installed) to verify that elements are connectable and
instantly gray-out unsupported elements (via their src pads) depending on
the element they have selected on the interface (via their sink pads). 

My current implementation idea is to send information to the user regarding
all of the available elements and their properties. For this, of course, I
require a format that is small in size and universal -- which is where the
`.json` comes in. What essentially I am trying to do is pipe the results of
`gst-inspect-1.0` into `.json`, and then run some basic JavaScript functions
on the fly in the user's browser to do as described above.

I was hoping someone here has had a similar problem to this and is perhaps
willing to share what they did to solve it. As of now I'm currently thinking
of extracting the output of `gst-inspect-1.0` for every plugin available via
a `.py` script that runs on the server every time there is an update --
this, however, feels like an overkill for a task that doesn't seem should
take much work (i.e. something like `gst-inspect-1.0 --file json --output
usb.json urisourcebin` would've been perfect if available). 

Any help is appreciated!

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