Video saved using mp4mux is not playable in android default media player

denisenkom denisenkom at
Sat Jun 27 04:57:23 UTC 2020

I've had the same issue.  Recorded mp4 file was not playable in Google
The problem seemed to be with ctts atom, it contained negative values for
sample CTS entries.  Here is example decoded ctts atom:

            {'entries': [{'sample_count': 1, 'sample_cts': -24},
                         {'sample_count': 1, 'sample_cts': -6},
                         {'sample_count': 1, 'sample_cts': 2},
                         {'sample_count': 1, 'sample_cts': -29},
                         {'sample_count': 1, 'sample_cts': -21},
                         {'sample_count': 1, 'sample_cts': -16},
                         {'sample_count': 1, 'sample_cts': -12},
                         {'sample_count': 1, 'sample_cts': -29},
                         {'sample_count': 1, 'sample_cts': -13},

The gstreamer version I used was 1.16.2.  I tried on gstreamer 1.17.1 and it
appears the issue is somewhat fixed there.  In this version generated mp4
file does not contain ctts atom, and file is playable in Chrome.

So if you experience same issue upgrading to gstreamer 1.17 might fix it for

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