Waylandsink 1.16.2

horai ivo.hora at seznam.cz
Sun Jun 28 19:00:06 UTC 2020

Anyway, I also tried to embed stream overlay within a simple application
which is supposed to show stream in first line of a gtkGrid and is followed
by rows each containing gtkLabel and gtkDatabox aligned horizontally.
But when running:

The application crashes yielding:
setting window handle and size (1024 x 110)
                                           Gdk-Message: 19:43:29.156: Error
71 (Protocol error) dispatching to Wayland display.

When I replace both rows containing label and graph with single gtkButton.
I behaves properly.
I am enclosing all all source files.
graph.h <http://gstreamer-devel.966125.n4.nabble.com/file/t377705/graph.h>  
main.c <http://gstreamer-devel.966125.n4.nabble.com/file/t377705/main.c>  

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