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Tue Jun 30 19:11:52 UTC 2020

Hello, I have a question.


The task is to save VP8 from RTP packets into the webm file.

There are all RTP packets already saved into the file.

I am using pipeline like:

appsrc block=true do-timestamp=true format=3 is-live=true name=video_appsrc

                     "caps=\"application/x-rtp, media=(string)video,
payload=(int)96, clock-rate=(int)90000,
encoding-name=(string)VP8-DRAFT-IETF-01\" ! "

                     "rtpvp8depay wait-for-keyframe=true ! webmmux name=mux
! filesink location=%s


I assume that I get an error when resolution of the video changes into the


matroskamux matroska-mux.c:975:gst_matroska_mux_video_pad_setcaps:<mux>
error: Caps changes are not supported by Matroska

0:00:00.371142012 26321       0xdcb8f0 INFO        GST_ERROR_SYSTEM
gstelement.c:2224:gst_element_message_full_with_details:<mux> posting
message: Could not multiplex stream.

0:00:00.371155378 26321       0xdcb8f0 INFO        GST_ERROR_SYSTEM
gstelement.c:2251:gst_element_message_full_with_details:<mux> posted error
message: Could not multiplex stream.

0:00:00.371169976 26321       0xdcb8f0 WARN             matroskamux
matroska-mux.c:1356:gst_matroska_mux_video_pad_setcaps:<mux> pad video_0
refused caps video/x-vp8, framerate=(fraction)0/1, height=(int)180,
width=(int)320, profile=(string)0


Please advise what I am doing wrong or maybe point me on error in pipeline


Thank you in advance


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