GStreamer Video Capture and H264 Encoding with SEI

steven414 at
Wed Nov 4 05:09:09 UTC 2020


I am trying to build an application which captures video from a Camera

The region 1920*1080 will be encoded into H264. While the region 1920*8 is
so-called embedded data, which should be extracted and added into SEI frame.
Then one original raw frame should become one I or P frame and one SEI frame
(embedded data). 

Currently I have built the pipeline to do the H264 encoding part like below:
camerasrc -> videoconvert -> h264enc -> h264parse -> rtph264pay -> udpsink

Now I wonder:
1. How to create a corresponding SEI frame from the 1920*8 cropped region. 
2. How to insert the SEI frame into H264 frame-by-frame.


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