Convert stereo sound to mono with inversion of one channel

Maxim Krentovskiy mkrentovskiy at
Tue Nov 10 10:05:56 UTC 2020


I try to convert the stereo signal to mono with inversion of one
channel (probably, selected by configuration).

Something like this

... "audioconvert deinterleave name=d d.src_0 ! queue ! liveadder
name=dmix ! fakesink d.src_1 ! queue ! audioinvert degree=1 ! dmix.

work not fine because liveadder sources are not sync.

Plugin audioconvert has a matrix (as I see - it's just channels
weight) but all values there must be positive.

FFMPEG has audio filter aeval whitch do something like this, but I
can't find any alternatives in gstreamer.

Is there some plugin or method that allows me to make it without
creating a custom plugin?

WBR, Max

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