Gapless audio switching with input-selector

Lusine lusinehayrapetyan1992 at
Thu Nov 12 14:27:36 UTC 2020

Hi Folks,
I have 2 audio streams and want to output mix of these audios in the
following way:
2 seconds from first stream(from 0-2 sec), then 2 sec from 2nd stream(from 2
to 4 secs of the 2nd audio), then again 2 sec from first stream and so on.
For this reason I use input-selector and identity element. Input selector is
connected to identity. In identity's handoff callback I'm calculating audio
samples and if desired number of audio is processed I switch
input-selector's input. But after switching I get this error message:
qtmux gstqtmux.c:4535:gst_qt_mux_add_buffer: decreasing DTS value
0:00:02.090645833 < 0:00:02.111979166

Why I get this message? Maybe input-selector is not a good choice for this
purpose? How I can achieve my desired result?


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