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Sun Nov 15 13:13:00 UTC 2020

Hi !

Le 14/11/2020 à 16:41, omer.tal a écrit :
> Are you trying to play a jpg file? I don't get it.
Yes thisisthe idea, jpg, tiff, etc. Any file.
> Your pipeline assumes that your audio file contains raw audio. Is that
> actually the case?
In my example pipeline, it contains raw data from a jpg file. But it
could be from a text file or something else...
> uridecodebin can be used to decode numerous source types. In your case I
> don't see a reason to decode anything.

I need to play any file as raw audio data to generate noise.

If you take any path of a file on your hard drive and replace in my
pipeline the location propperty you will hear some noise.

So, is-it possible to do the same with uridecodebin instead filesrc ?
Perhaps, there is a property or something to be done to achieve the same
goal ?



> Anyway you can use it by passing the file path as uri=file://path-to-file.
> Btw, have your considered using playbin?
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