WebRTC to MKV or hlssink2 - problems with audio+video streams together - broken picture

deim31 deim31 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 20:27:11 UTC 2020

To elaborate more on this problem - my situation:

original sendrecv example. (doesnt matter if it goes to autovideosink or 
to MKV or HLS it's always the same)

I modified html page to share screen (getDisplayMedia instead of 

- use it in Vivaldi or Opera.

I first share whole screen and it works well several seconds then image 

Today I tried share window. Now I know the larger shared window is the 
sooner image breaks.

800x800px is almost OK. When I play for example YT video in Firefox 
window I share, it breaks sometimes and I can see moving things but with 
wrong colors but it in several seconds refreshes (maybe new I frame?).

The big problem is in text share or for example slides. Broken image 
seem never refreshes.

1920x1200 is problem.

Is it known problem? Would for example Windows or Mac work better?

On other side - I use the same screen share with Jitsi Meet and it never 
break image - codec is the same - VP8.


Dne 11. 11. 20 v 14:04 d3im napsal(a):
> I've managed to create custom bin and connect those two decodebins (audio,
> video) to them and MKV and HLS outputs are with both streams now.
> I face another "cardinal" problem - broken video frames. From beginning
> video (and audio) works fine. After a while video image broke (as on
> enclose) audio still ok then.
> <http://gstreamer-devel.966125.n4.nabble.com/file/t379376/mpv-shot0051.jpg>
> I tried Vivaldi and Opera browsers on Linux machine. Same results.
> I use Vivaldi for online conferencing without this broken frames (Jitsi)
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