Video frame identification over stream

tlpl tomasz.ludwisiak at
Wed Nov 18 09:36:26 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

First of all - I am sorry for the layman nomenclature I am using here. I
would like to ask for some guidance regarding identification of each video
frame both on sender and receiver end. Here is the full setup:

Sender is a custom code, with pipeline like so: videotestsrc -> x264enc ->
rtph264pay -> udpsink. This udpsink sends packets to udpsrc on
GstRTSPServer, which ten streams it to receiver.

Receiver is a custom code (on the other machine) with pipeline like so:
rtpsrc -> rtph264depay -> avdec_h264 -> xvimage_sink. 

RTSP streaming done like so works without problems - I've tested it many
different times with many different pipelines both on sender and receiver
end. I can modify sender and receiver in any way I like. The problem that I
am facing tho is as follows: I would like to set some unique ID on each
single video frame processed by sender before it is send, pack this unique
ID somewhere and obtain it on receiver end. Packets timestamps and seqnum
are no good since those refer to packets not each single video frame. 

At this point (over 2 weeks working on this problem) I do not care about
particular solution - any method will do. Any suggestions will help greatly.


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