Gstremer compatibility with android 10+ devices

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>> What is needed is to resurrect this as an MR and finish whatever is
>> needed:
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> It just so happens that I’m currently investigating this for work. I did a quick and dirty merge and some fixes for Meson, but haven’t had the occasion to test it yet (lack of hardware). Since I’m definitely not an Android developer there’s not much I could do if it doesn’t work but I’ll keep you informed.

Obviously Google already gave up on the « don’t be evil » stuff when they designed Android, that was a PITA. Anyway I made some progress but unfortunately the only hardware I have right now (Galaxy Tab S2) does not support camera2 so I couldn’t test the actual capture. I had to add some validation in gst_ahc2_src_get_caps to prevent a SIGSEGV when no compatible camera is found; aside from this the plugin registers. I’ll ask my boss to buy a more recent Android tablet and I’ll come back when I have more news.

IIRC a comment in the PR suggested to « split » androidmedia and this will indeed be necessary. The plugin fails to initialize if it doesn’t find the Java callback classes needed by ahcsrc, even though ahc2src won’t need them…

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