RTSP Server with more control by application

Manoj Detroja (Software Development - Telecom) manoj.detroja at matrixcomsec.com
Wed Nov 25 09:21:24 UTC 2020


I am new in Gstreamer-RTSP Server and evaluating gstreamer with RTSP server
controlled by my application as mentioned below.

- Instead of creating RTSP server with URI mount and Mediafactory, I want
that RTSP server should only listen for client request for any uri and
should provide callbacks to application for uri parsing and validation,
authentication parameters, etc.
Then after creation of Mediafactory and pipeline need to be done after
describe or setup request which also be controlled by my application.

- Apart from above also want to feed the encoded stream data by application
to gstreamer pipeline and handle replay control like speed, direction,etc
in my application logic.

Are above requirements achievable? Please provide any examples or advise to
achieve it.

Manoj Detroja
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