[ANNOUNCE] WebRTC AudioProcessing v1.0

Arun Raghavan arun at arunraghavan.net
Fri Nov 27 19:48:36 UTC 2020

Hi folks,
I'd like to announce the release of v1.0 of the webrtc-audio-processing library. Please note that the 1.0 doesn't really mean much outside of the update to the versioning system described below.

tarball: http://freedesktop.org/software/pulseaudio/webrtc-audio-processing/webrtc-audio-processing-1.0.tar.gz
sha256: f53d627d952094f2a1c4484a7730ff8b2e5a3805975d4aa7a60a3dc370890f01

This is an API breaking release (as a reminder, the AudioProcessing module does not provide a stable public API, so we expose whatever API exists in the upstream project).

In order to make package management easier with these inevitable breakages, the package is now suffixed with a version (currently it is webrtc-audio-processing-1). When the next API break happens, we will bump the major version, allowing incompatible versions to coexist. This also means that the previous version can also coexist with this one. Non-breaking changes will see a minor version update only.

  * The code base is now updated to correspond to the version shipping with the Chromium 88.0.4290.1 tag
  * There are a very large number changes to the underlying AEC implementation since the last update was a while ago. Most visibly the use of the AEC3 canceller by default, the deletion of the beamformer code
  * The autotools build system is replaced by meson
  * The pkg-config name is changed as described above

I have only really been able to test this release on x86_64, and compile-test on aarch64. Additional testing and reports on 32-bit ARM, MIPS, and non-Linux OSes would be greatly appreciated. Please file issues on Gitlab if you find any.


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