AW: rtspsrc - protocols=tcp EOS 8 seconds

mhaines4102 mhaines4102 at
Mon Apr 5 17:50:23 UTC 2021

OK. Little further.

This looks to be where it all falls apart. It looks like a source is not
reporting for over 5 seconds. But the resulting video I receive is short but

/* sources that were inactive for more than 5 times the deterministic
 * interval get timed out. the min timeout is 5 seconds. */
/* mind old time that might pre-date last time going to PLAYING */
  btime = MAX (source->last_activity, sess->start_time);
  if (data->current_time > btime) {
    interval = MAX (binterval * 5, 5 * GST_SECOND);
    if (data->current_time - btime > interval) {
      GST_DEBUG ("removing timeout source %08x, last %" GST_TIME_FORMAT,
          source->ssrc, GST_TIME_ARGS (time));

----------- Debug Log -----------
rtpsession rtpsession.c:4046:rtp_session_on_timeout: interval
rtpsession rtpsession.c:3575:session_cleanup: look at 1fe90b50,
generation 10
rtpsession rtpsession.c:3638:session_cleanup: removing timeout source
1fe90b50, last 72:02:13.280254498
rtpsession rtpsession.c:3663:session_cleanup: sender source 1fe90b50
timed out and became receiver, last 72:02:13.280254498
rtspsrc gstrtspsrc.c:3155:on_timeout:<rtspsrc0> source 1fe90b50, stream
1fe90b50 in session 2 timed out
rtspsrc gstrtspsrc.c:3114:gst_rtspsrc_do_stream_eos:<rtspsrc0> setting
stream for session 2 to EOS

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