Accessing gstreamer timestamp from python

Letty letizia.mariotti at
Tue Apr 6 09:40:00 UTC 2021

I don't need to have the timestamp embedded in the frame as of now. The
reason I want it is to be able to synchronize and record multiple cameras,
some of which are accessed through gstreamer and some directly through
Python (and that can't be accessed by gstreamer). What I do is basically
load the frames from gstreamer in a loop as I showed and then send them to
another gstreamer pipeline to encode them and write them to a video file.

So far OpenCV VideoCapture and VideoWriter worked for me, but if there is a
better way to manage gstreamer capture in a loop I'm open to suggestions! I
am very new to gstreamer, I'm trying to learn my way through it. 

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