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Hi Nicolas,

I've been working with Matthew on this project so I can expand a bit on the problem he's facing. We are using a custom GstContext with our pipeline, which is allocated and set by the application in response to the GST_MESSAGE_NEED_CONTEXT. At some point this context can be marked as invalid, which can be achieved with the existing API by setting a new context with some fields in the underlying GstStructure set to null. We would then like the elements in the pipeline to request a new context from the application by sending another GST_MESSAGE_NEED_CONTEXT, but this message is intercepted by GstBin, which simply sets the original context (

It's not possible to pass a null pointer to gst_element_set_context() to "null out" an existing context, which would force GstBin to request a new one from the application.

It looks like we would need a new API, gst_element_remove_context(), in order to achieve what we want, unless we have missed something?

Best regards

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Le mardi 06 avril 2021 à 08:43 +0100, Matthew Walker a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I am working on an application which creates and utilises gstreamer pipelines.
> One of the requirements is that the application must be able to erase the STC
> context from the pipeline when stopping playback.
> Currently I am using a function which resets the STC context on a given
> element in conjunction with gst_iterator_foreach but I was wondering if there
> was a better way to do this. Is there a gstreamer function which can remove
> the STC context type from the context list of every element in a pipeline?

All GstContext stored should be release when setting the pipeline to NULL state.
If not, this is a bug.

> Thanks for your help,
> Matthew
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