dynamic file sink adding/removing to Tee

stanisbouts stan at scentronix.com
Fri Apr 9 15:31:18 UTC 2021


I have multiple rtsp sources that are connected to a input-selector object
with a 'on_pad_added' callback function. This input-selector is connected
with a Tee object. This Tee object is connected to a rtmp output that
streams to twitch.

What i am trying to do is add and remove file sinks to this Tee object
dynamically. I have the removing of the file sink working but when i add a
new file sink to the already running pipeline there is no usable data sent
to the file sink. The file is made and there is data written to the file but
it is not readable.

only when the file sink is connected before the 'on_pad_added' callback
function the mp4 is readable.

I have simplified the code that i no longer have dynamic input streams and
only one static videotestsrc. But i still get the same problem.

simplified example code: 

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