The output of the compositor suddenly drop to low

inaho330 inaho330 at
Mon Apr 19 05:39:36 UTC 2021


I'm using gstreamer with python, and I pipeline make like this:

appsrc   -> queue1 -> |
                                 | -> compositor -> queue3 -> 
vaapih264encoder -> queue4 ->  output
V4l2src  -> queue2 -> |

In general, it works well.  But sometime , It will become very lagging for a
few second (maybe 30s~1min)

I check the fps in each queue, In the normal conditions, 
 queue1 : 24fps    queue2:30fps   queue3:30  queue4:30

But when the lagging happen:
 queue1 : 24fps    queue2:30fps   queue3:0~1  queue4:30

Does anyone know what might be the reason for this? 
or Is there any way to debug it?


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