RTSP streaming using rtsp server

dforer dor.forer at indoor-robotics.com
Wed Apr 21 18:02:23 UTC 2021

I've removed the h264parse and added config-interval, and now my pipe looks
like that:
./test-launch  "( v4l2src  io-mode=4 do-timestamp=true  device=/dev/video3 !
 video/x-h264,width=1920,height=1080,framerate=15/1 !
rtph264pay pt=96 name=pay0 config-interval=-1 )"

Which works almost perfect, but I still get smudge frames once in while when
I play this stream.

When I get smudged frames I get this error on ffplay:
RTP: missed 1 packets

But when I stream with vlc everything works good, I think it is something
related to the wrapping frames of the camera itself, because if I take the
h264 stream from the camera and re-encode it, everything works good.


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