Clementine pipeline: GST_MESSAGE_TAG bus msg sent too many times for file playback.

diracsbracket diracsbracket at
Sun Apr 25 18:18:28 UTC 2021

On the the Clementine music player's pipeline bus, when playing back a local
music file, I was surprised to see hundreds of `GST_MESSAGE_TAG` with
identical data being received on the bus, and subsequently processed by

- These usually start with several tens of them at once when the file starts
to play, then this frequency reduces to a couple of messages every 10
seconds or so.

Ironically, for internet streams, the number of messages is limited and only
sent when the tag data has changed, it seems, at it probably should.

I am a complete noob, but the Clementine pipeline seems to do nothing
fancy and simply sets up and connect standard elements/plugins.

So, why would file playback produce so many of these identical messages?

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