gst_buffer_add_meta question

eyalhir74 eyalhir74 at
Tue Apr 27 15:46:15 UTC 2021

  I have a question about attaching metadata to buffers in one .so file and
reading it in another one.
  As far as I understand when I want to attach a meta data to a buffer (in file), I'll use the
     gst_buffer_add_meta(buffer, gst_meta_MY_IMPL_get_info(), ) function,
which looks like this:

     const GstMetaInfo *gst_meta_MY_IMPL_get_info() 
        static const GstMetaInfo *m = NULL;
        if (g_once_init_enter((GstMetaInfo **)m)
     Does the fact that the "m" variable is static in prevents me
to read its value
using gst_buffer_get_meta in Currently I get garbage values
when I read it in code.


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