Playing a audio file and getting a video from camera directly

Howling wong watertreader at
Wed Dec 1 10:03:31 UTC 2021


I have some synchronization problem with playing an audio file, a wave file together with getting a video input from camera. The audio plays correctly, but the video seem to freeze at the display

First I have thought of it being a clock issue. The system might be using the audio clock and the video cannot be run. So I change the clock settings to default system clock

     GstClock *clock =          gst_system_clock_obtain();
     gst_pipeline_set_clock (GST_PIPELINE(l_app.pipeline), clock);

However the situation did not seem to recover. Is the pipeline correct?

I like to ask

  1.  Is there something I might be missing
  2.  Should the two device (one camera and one audio file) be linked so that they can be synchronized
  3.  or is it the rate difference (audio 44000hz whereas video is at 30 -25 hz)

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