Is it possible to setup 2 multiacst streams with same rtp/rtcp ports in gst-rtsp-server?

Bruce Liang Bruce.Liang at
Thu Dec 16 09:00:52 UTC 2021


        I'm using gst-rtsp-server to test multicast rtp stream with indicated address and port.

        Threre are 2 streams in gst-rtsp-server and I'm using 2 rtcp clients to setup and play stream 0 and then stream 1 with same transport header.

        The transport header is:

        The SETUP request to setup stream 0 is success but the SETUP request to stream1 is failed and the following response is returned:
        RTSP/1.0 461 Unsupported transport

        And I got the following debug log:
        0:00:05.501051300   974 0x7fffefbb7d80 DEBUG             rtspstream rtsp-stream.c:1548:alloc_ports_one_family:<GstRTSPStream at 0x7f5f4804ade0> rtp bind() failed, will try again
        0:00:05.501133200   974 0x7fffefbb7d80 ERROR             rtspstream rtsp-stream.c:1682:alloc_ports_one_family:<GstRTSPStream at 0x7f5f4804ade0> failed to allocate UDP ports with requested transport settings

        In alloc_ports_one_family(..), the rtp and rtcp socket are binded to multicast address and port by g_socket_bind(..) with [allow_reuse] = FALSE.

        I'm wondering why it have to bind socket to multicast address and port which is used for sending.

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