Playing DSD files via gst-libav from a UPnP server does not work

Robert Tiemann rtie at
Wed Jul 7 06:36:29 UTC 2021


I still have a problem with gst-libav playing from the network. I
guess it should be possible to play this file here directly using the
GStreamer pipeline below:

$ gst-launch-1.0\
    souphttpsrc location='' !\
    avdemux_dsf ! avdec_dsd_lsbf_planar !\
    audioconvert ! audioresample ! pulsesink

(I guess this should play because the corresponding FLAC file at is
playable as well using a similar pipeline.)

ffmpeg can do it:
$ ffplay

The DSD stream doesn't play with GStreamer, however, and I get the
errors previously posted here:

Tested version of gst-libav was 2d9b73b.

Could you please help me to fix this?

Thank you,

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