Mosaic View 4 RTSP Streams to one RTSP Stream help needed

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Thu Jun 3 13:35:31 UTC 2021


If you want to publish an RTSP stream you might want to use the RTSP server
from gst-rtsp-server repository 

>From there you can get inspiration or run the test application 'test-launch'
you can easily build with gst-build:

./build/subprojects/gst-rtsp-server/examples/test-launch "( videotestsrc !
videomixer name=comp sink_0::xpos=0 sink_0::ypos=0  sink_0::alpha=0
sink_1::xpos=0 sink_1::ypos=0 sink_2::xpos=320 sink_2::ypos=0 sink_3::xpos=0
sink_3::ypos=240 sink_4::xpos=320 sink_4::ypos=240 ! videoconvert !
video/x-raw,format=NV12 ! x264enc ! rtph264pay name=pay0 pt=96 videotestsrc
! comp.sink_1  videotestsrc ! comp.sink_2 videotestsrc ! comp.sink_3 
videotestsrc ! comp.sink_4 )"

And then

gst-launch-1.0 uridecodebin uri=rtsp:// ! autovideosink

Than you can replace videotestsrc by your rtsp stream.


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