Issue in example pipelines of rtpulpfecenc, rtpulpfecdec

Mathieu Duponchelle mathieu at
Fri Jun 4 01:11:10 UTC 2021

Ubuntu 16.04 is much too old to have these plugins available.

Your best bet is to switch to a more reasonably recent distribution, or build
GStreamer yourself, I suspect you'll have a hard time on 16.04 though.

On 6/2/21 12:59 PM, Masood via gstreamer-devel wrote:
> Hi
>  can you tell what plugins repository i need to install to run rtpulpfecenc,
> since i get error as 'unknown pipeline rtpulpfecenc'
> i have installed plugin-good and base but still getting error. My machine
> has Ubuntu 16.04 LTS installed.
> Can you mention commands you used for installation?
> Thanks
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