pad bad negotiation with x-eac3 audio contents

karimchtx karim_atiki at
Mon Jun 7 17:45:35 UTC 2021

Hi all,

I'm currently experiencing a very annoying issue with gstreamer (1.16 and

I wrote a dynamic pipeline and select related elements according to the
parsed containers and streams.

I made a bunch of tests to check the pipeline robustness and unfortunately
I'm stuck with contents that have *x-eac3* audio streams.

Though the ac3parse parser does support x-eac3 falls back to
x-ac3 and it finally fails to link with a /GST_PAD_LINK_NOFORMAT /error

It seems to be e known issue...I'm wondering if there's a way to
programmaticaly force the pad to link with against the  appropriate caps ?



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