non-interleaved to interleaved after AAC decoding (audioconvert?)

Javiku javier.carrasco at
Thu Jun 10 10:51:18 UTC 2021

I am programming an AAC pipeline in C and I would like to connect the
decoder (avdec_aac) to a sink (pulsesink), but their caps are unfortunately
not compatible. The avdec_aac outputs non-interleaved data and the pulsesink
only accepts interleaved data. My current assumption is that I need the
audioconvert element between them to accomplish that task because I have
seen pipelines where that element has non-interleaved audio data at the
input and interleaved data at the output. But given that just adding the
element as such does not  automatically make the trick, I would like to know
the instructions I need to configure it properly and make it work as
Thank you and best regards,

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