filesink and file durations

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Mon Jun 14 09:01:16 UTC 2021


It seems I was on the wrong track thinking EOS did not propagate till

In the pipeline (from the previous post), the mkv file has indeed invalid
duration and meta data (resolution). A workaround is to decode from/reencode
to h264 between h264parse and matroskamux... but it's a lot heavier. It
seems to be related to a problem encountered with audio/ogg:
(also described some time ago

To sum up, I have not found a way to record a media stream directly after
rtp-depaying, so what I do now is decode/reencode before muxing and
recording to a file.

Any help about a way to do without decoding/reencoding these "already
encoded" streams would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Guillaume

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