vaapi and x-forwarding

He Junyan junyan.he at
Mon Jun 14 13:17:00 UTC 2021

Vaapi element inside use gst_vaapi_create_display() to create the
VADisplay. It will try wayland, x11, drm one by one. In your case, the
x11 way return success and so choose. But later, when vaInitialize, the
it fails to init because no DRI2 extersion support. 

The best way is disabling the X11 support in build. And because you do
not need to use vaapisink, it is OK.

On Mon, 2021-06-14 at 07:54 -0500, Marianna S. Buschle via gstreamer-
devel wrote:
> And one of my colleagues is able to run the same command over X
> forwarding.
> So it must be a compatibility issue between the HW on my machine and
> the
> remote machine, since it wants to forward the VAAPI commands (which I
> don't
> quite get why unless it was the vaapisink I was using).
> But you say that if we compile VAAPI without X support then it won't
> try to
> forward those?
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