rtpsession does not generate FIR RTCP Receiver Report

Mostafa Farzane farzanemostafa at gmail.com
Fri Jun 18 14:50:13 UTC 2021

I have the following pipeline to send video to a Webex meeting. It works

    PEER_V=$2 PEER_IP=x.x.x.x\
    SELF_V=1112 SELF_VSSRC=112233 \
    bash -c 'gst-launch-1.0 -e \
        rtpsession name=r rtp-profile=avpf
sdes="application/x-rtp-source-sdes,cname=(string)\"user\@example.com\"" \
        videotestsrc \
            ! videoconvert ! x264enc tune=zerolatency \
            ! rtph264pay \
            ! r.send_rtp_sink \
        r.send_rtp_src \
            ! udpsink host=$PEER_IP port=$PEER_V bind-port=$SELF_V \
        r.send_rtcp_src \
            ! udpsink host=$PEER_IP port=$((PEER_V+1))
bind-port=$((SELF_V+1)) sync=false async=false \
        udpsrc port=$((SELF_V+1)) \
            ! tee name=t \
            t. ! queue ! r.recv_rtcp_sink \
            t. ! queue ! fakesink dump=true async=false'

and here is my pipeline for receiving video from Webex:

    PEER_V=$2 PEER_IP=x.x.x.x \
    SELF_V=1112 SELF_VSSRC=112233 \

    bash -c 'gst-launch-1.0 -e \
        rtpsession name=r rtp-profile=avpf
sdes="application/x-rtp-source-sdes,cname=(string)\"example\@webex.com\"" \
        udpsrc port=$SELF_V \
            ! "application/x-rtp,$CAPS_V" \
            ! r.recv_rtp_sink \
        r.recv_rtp_src \
            ! rtpjitterbuffer \
            ! rtph264depay \
            ! decodebin \
            ! autovideosink \
        udpsrc port=$((SELF_V+1)) \
            ! r.recv_rtcp_sink \
        r.send_rtcp_src \
            ! udpsink host=$PEER_IP port=$((PEER_V+1))
bind-port=$((SELF_V+1)) sync=false async=false'

If I send a SIP INFO request containing "picture fast update", Webex will
send a keyframe and the pipeline start working.
But I expect that the RTCP FIR request would send from this pipeline and
there is no need to send a SIP INFO request. From Wireshark, I can confirm
that the pipeline does not send any RTCP FIR requests. Just send RTCP RR
request. Also, I can confirm that the Webex sends RTCP FIR request when I
want to send video to it(previous pipeline)

Am I missing something? (by the way, I am using Symmetric RTP/RTCP)
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