python code for muxing klv and video

Fran Raga franka1986 at
Mon Mar 1 12:49:59 UTC 2021

I have made some changes to your code.

If I use your code with all the frames of the video in a video that for
example 1 min in my case, the pipeline dies, I don't know what happens.I
need cut video for example the first 10 seconds.

Other point is the video result gives me an error when I play it
"meta/x-klv" , but the video show without problems.

I have made some changes to avoid the variable "t" I think it is not
necessary to do that step and neither to extract the frames, we can do that
with opencv to read the frames in real time and ingest data, is my only my

I would be happy to make this code work well with your help.


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