Combining 2 Video Streams Side by Side, Getting Choppy Results

Michiel Konstapel michiel at
Tue Mar 2 09:29:00 UTC 2021

On 16-02-2021 16:06, Nicolas Dufresne wrote:
> Le mardi 16 février 2021 à 02:50 -0500, Jim Ruxton a écrit :
>> I am trying to combine 2 video streams. One from my laptop camera and 
>> one from an external webcam. I'm using the following pipeline and 
>> getting very choppy results. Neither my CPU or GPU seem to be working 
>> hard. Any ideas how to make this less choppy?
>> *./gst-launch-1.0 v4l2src device=/dev/video**4**! videoscale ! videoconvert ! video/x-raw,format=YUY2, 
>> framerate=30/1, width=***640***, height=***480****! ****alpha********alpha=1***! videobox border-alpha=0 left=-640 ! videomixer name=Mix ! 
>> videoconvert ! autovideosink v4l2src device=/dev/video***2***! videoscale ! videoconvert ! video/x-raw, format=YUY2, 
>> framerate=30/1, width=***640***, height=***480****! ****alpha********alpha=1***! videobox border-alpha=0 right=-640 ! Mix.*
> First recommendation, move away from videomixer and use compositor 
> (videomixer is just a backward shm on top of compositor). As you have 
> a live pipeline, you should release the composition pressure by 
> configurating a latency on the compositor element.  The latency is in 
> nano-second, one of two frames of latency should be fine in general, 
> but the default is none, and would only worked with perfectly synched 
> sources which has accurate latency (v4l2src does not have accurate 
> latency, it simply claims 1 frame, alway).
> Second recommendation, consider adding a queue before you display 
> sink, this will improve the timeout logic inside the compositor, by 
> giving it a bit more freedome (with thread seperation).

Interesting! Does any of the above apply to *gl*videomixer as well? Are 
there any specific considerations for using that in a live pipeline? 
Should we also give that more latency? I see the glmixerbin superclass 
has a property for that, also defaulting to zero.

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