Please consider ndi support

Sebastian Dröge sebastian at
Wed Mar 3 17:39:08 UTC 2021

On Wed, 2021-03-03 at 11:24 -0600, RiccardoCagnasso wrote:
> I hope this post is not off topic in this list.
> I would like to move the case to gstreamer team to include NDI support in
> the default gstreamer distribution. NDI is a very useful tool.
> I tested ndisink from and it
> works just fine on linux. The code seems simple enough. I wonder if it is
> possible to include it the good/bad/ugly with time. It would be a shame if
> it goes undeveloped for whatever reason.
> I didn't test any ndsrc, but I know that there's one available.

There's an NDI plugin available here:
and a PR by me that adds a sink here:

That plugin is used in production by a few people by now so should
generally work well, and I'll also continue working on it as needed and
time permits.

The main reason why I didn't consider including it as part of gst-
plugins-rs is because it requires a proprietary SDK so nobody's going
to ship it as part of their packages and you'll have to build it
yourself anyway.

I don't know about the one you linked but it's written in Vala so can't
really be part of the good/bad/ugly GStreamer plugin modules because of
that reason too, in addition to the complications with the SDK.

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