How to dynamically link to tee after pipeline started using gst_parse_launch

Nick_law nicholas at
Thu Mar 4 07:22:33 UTC 2021

Hi @gotsring,
Short answer legacy and time.

I am trying to get the go ahead to remove the dependency on gst_parse_launch
but will need a considerable amount of time to remove, refactor and learn
everything that is needed to construct the pipelines fully using the
gstreamer api.

So still would like to know how to use gst_parse_launch in the event I don't
have enough time to re-implement.


gotsring wrote
> May I ask why you would like to use gst_parse_launch for this? Yes, it's
> probably possible, but it seems either way you need to hold references to
> certain elements or pads. 
> I'd wager that it's better to programmatically create elements and save
> references to them in an array, especially for this amount of
> manipulation.

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