Static build fails to load libnice elements

Aaron Clauson aaron at
Thu Mar 4 23:25:02 UTC 2021

> I'm pretty sure that the libnice elements don't get included in
libgstreamer-full, you have to link them separately as they're not
officially part of GStreamer.


But why would libnice be treated differently from any other plugin?

A quick comparison of the symbols in and related symbols in does seem to show that at least some of the
libnice symbols are being pulled in.

For example. From

000000000000b630 T nice_address_copy_to_sockaddr
000000000000b840 T nice_address_dup
000000000000b760 T nice_address_equal
000000000000b9f0 T nice_address_equal_no_port
0000000000037380 T stun_agent_build_unknown_attributes_error
00000000000360b0 T stun_agent_default_validater
0000000000036e90 T stun_agent_finish_message
0000000000036a80 T stun_agent_forget_transaction
0000000000036060 T stun_agent_init


0000000000cb1c40 t nice_address_copy_to_sockaddr
0000000000cb1e50 t nice_address_dup
0000000000cb1d70 t nice_address_equal
0000000000cb2010 t nice_address_equal_no_port
0000000000cde970 t stun_agent_build_unknown_attributes_error
0000000000cdd650 t stun_agent_default_validater
0000000000cdd4b0 t stun_agent_find_unknowns.isra.0
0000000000cde480 t stun_agent_finish_message
0000000000cde070 t stun_agent_forget_transaction
0000000000cdd600 t stun_agent_init
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