Something may have went wrong in setting Up GStreamer environment for developing

JimmyHan leedag8 at
Tue Mar 9 08:33:43 UTC 2021

So in practicing, I realized what was the problem.

I run all the tutorials to see which one crashed with the segmentation

then using the tutorials that crashed, I looked for similarities in code,
and I found something.

*All the tutorials utilizing this line of code crashed with segmentation

/* Build the pipeline */
 pipeline = gst_parse_launch("playbin


/* Set the URI to play */
g_object_set (data.source, "uri",

it would crash withe the segmentation fault.

so I decided to go to the address
"" to find any
other formats.
 Fortunately I found the *.ogv* format. Replaced *.webm* with *.ogv* and
everything worked perfectly. 

The uneducated conclusion for now is that, whenever the source is pulled
from the internet and comes from a *.webm* format, it causes problems. 
Well on my system (!Pop_OS).

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