splitmuxsink segmentation fault on raspberry pi 4

kepitto kepitto at outlook.com
Mon Mar 15 12:23:13 UTC 2021

I'm working on recording application and am trying to create files with
timestamps in 10 minute intervalls.

This application works fine on a x86 device, however it doesn't work on a
raspberry pi 4.

I want to use the max-size-time property of splitmuxsink, however I do have
to assign "(guint64)0" to it for it to work:

/g_object_set(splitmux, "muxer", matroskamux, "max-size-time", 10000000,
Delivers following warning and no file is being created:
"GLib-GObject-WARNING ... g_object_is_valid_property: object class
"GstSplitMuxSink" has no property named '\x80;P\xb5\u0001'

/g_object_set(splitmux, "muxer", matroskamux, "max-size-time",
(guint64)10000000, NULL);/
Results in a instant Segmentation fault
(Same Bug for dvb plugin

By using (guint64)0 to make my application work I can't use the property for
it's purpose. 
Is there any workaround or solution to this problem?

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