changing default settings to video in code e.g width, height, hue, contrast

JimmyHan leedag8 at
Thu Mar 18 21:43:36 UTC 2021

Hello Beginner here, 

Started learning and understanding more n more with practice.

I have been searching up n down for examples on video manipulation in code
but after a few days I still don't have a clue. 
E.g setting width and height, or denoise, detail, brightness, hue,
frc-algorithm and the list goes on.

My boss has built a UI in html, php; where he is am able to add to insert
text or choose from a drop down list options for the pipeline.

Looks like this screenshot of my setup:


My task was to add those from the pic and integrate those in the options
shown in the image.
After choosing those options I then create a xml file, then read that xml
file options into variables using an xmlreader. 
This is done in C, using "gst.h" and "libxml/xmlreader.h".

Now I want to add options mentioned above but I'm not sure how to do this
using Gstreamer API, I can't find ntn on the internet for doing those
settings using the API. 
I saw APIs like   gst-libs/mfx/gstmfxfilter.h
but I'm not sure if there is a native way of doing it. 

I might not know what I'm saying but I'm just looking for advice or links I
may have over looked.
Also I'd would really appreciate any advice on a whole different more
efficient setup for this. 

I met this setup in my new job out of university and it's my first project.
I feel it can be done better. 

We were also looking at gst_parse_launch() and adding them as caps but again
idk what I'm saying.

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