Don't kown how to make avdec_h264 working under multi-threads modes, seems not working with max-threads

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Fri Mar 19 09:54:56 UTC 2021

Thanks for your help, Nicolas.  Since I'm a fresh on video and gstreamer, so
Further more please :) 
1) Seems slice base *threading* need the cooperation from encoder side. So I
need to checkout the slice number in the encoded frame first ?  Then I can
decide the max-threads value according to it .
2) I should use thread-type=slice ? But that's introduced in gstreamer 1.18
, may be I need to upgrade my gstreamer 
3) "The paralellism still vary on the encoding of references, since
sometimes you have to decode the reference before you can do anything else.
" ----for this, I'm a little puzzled.  "references" means the I frame? And I
need to decode the I frame 1st for the sync between multi-threads ? 
    Thanks again. Best wishes !

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