webrtcbin and caps on sink pads

Trey Hutcheson trey.hutcheson at gmail.com
Fri Mar 19 17:20:34 UTC 2021

Ok, so I know that before generating an offer/answer, that we need to wait
on all sink pads to get caps from upstream. But we are encountering a
problem: sometimes caps are never sent.

* webrtcbin1 is receiving audio and video from its remote peer. Each
incoming media stream is terminated by a tee element.
* I create a new webrtcbin instance, and branch off the tee's hanging off
webrtcbin1; each branch contains a queue and then depayloads and repayloads
the rtp, and connected via new sink pads on webrtcbin2.

Repeat that process for each new webrtc peer/webrtcbin instance that needs
to participate in the media session.

Problem #1: the first time a branch is created from the source tee, caps
are sent downstream. However, new branches never receive caps. To get
around that, we explicitly create a caps event and send it down the branch.

Problem #2: sometimes that caps event takes several seconds (2 seconds, 5
seconds, it's indeterminate) to actually get to the new sink pad. And I
have no idea why. This delay creates all kinds of problems for us

Why is the tee element not sending caps down to new elements after they are
linked? Is it supposed to? If it's not, is there any built in element that
will function like a tee, cache the last known caps, and send them
downstream when new src pads are linked?
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