AW: rtspsrc - protocols=tcp EOS 8 seconds

mhaines4102 mhaines4102 at
Mon Mar 29 16:48:57 UTC 2021

There is no disconnect. 

I get an interleaved packet
Then I get a sender report
Report   Source description   "
Then I get an EOS in my system. 

It always seems to be directly after the sender report, but this is not the
only sender report that comes through. I have included a pcap file. This is
from the API version of my app. The command-line version of this test does a
teardown directly after as well.  "TEARDOWN rtsp://camera0/live.sdp/

The report attached was done by setting the pipeline to null as soon as the
EOS hits and exiting the program and you will see that in the report by the
FIN packet. 


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