Need guidance for implementing ice candidate pool

Sherrill Lam sherrill.lam at
Sun May 2 03:29:42 UTC 2021

Hi there!

My team is interested to implement a prefetch ice candidate pool and add an
ice-candidate-pool-size property ( [rtc spec]( )
for webrtcbin element. We think it will help accelerate the SDP generation
at startup process. We’d like to get more guidance on what would be the
best way to do it.

Although ice candidate pool is a webrtc concept, I think it might make more
sense if the pool itself is implemented within NiceAgent in Libnice. We
could add an API in Libnice to create such a pool with a specified pool
size and start generating ice candidates. When
nice_agent_gather_candidates() is called, it will first check if there are
candidates in the pool before generating new ones.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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