Best way to send video on localhost

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Not sure, but try v4l2loopback :)

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> Hi all,
> Im working on a video processing recording application on NVidia's Jetson
> Nano board. At the moment the app consists of a video capture, a webrtc
> handler and a video recorder component. The webrtc and the video recorder
> those can be ran in multiple instance.
> For sharing the data between we are using VP8 RTP streams over UTP but as
> it seems we are able to fit all of these processes on a single host.
> So we started to wondering if there is any better way to sand video data
> between processes. Basically the medium between the components is not
> covered by any requirement so can use anything is it would have a better
> performance / would require less resources from the OS.
> What do you think what would be the most efficient way to transmit data?
> Are we ok with UDP or should we change to something else?
> Thank you!
> Bests,
> Peter
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