Tee request pads unexpectedly go missing

Nick_law nicholas at umantec.net
Wed May 5 06:08:01 UTC 2021

Morning, Yes my use-case requires the tees to be temporarily unlinked while
the de-interleave gets setup and a user selects what channels they would
like to see on the sink end. So I am already doing "allow-
not-linked" for the tees.

But in this case the tees are unexpectedly unlinked (actually 3 of the 4) so
the sink branch still receives data from one tee but not the others which is
why I think gstreamer complains. 

Interestingly though I only see this issue on my local PC and not on the
embedded device I work on.

My guess is that on my local PC interrupts are causing issues with gstreamer
while on the embedded device the same is not the case. I do use sleeps now
and then to wait for gstreamer to create pads etc, and my feeling is that
sleeps along with interrupts are breaking things on my local PC.

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