Plugin input buffer size

n0s raging.blaze at
Wed May 12 08:58:00 UTC 2021


I'm working on my own audio filter plugin based on the GStreamer
/gst-template gstaudiofilter.c/ example.

There is this function where the filtering should happen:

static GstFlowReturn
gst_audio_filter_template_filter (GstBaseTransform * base_transform,
    GstBuffer * inbuf, GstBuffer * outbuf)
    /* FIXME: do something interesting here.  We simply copy the input data
     * to the output buffer for now. */
    g_assert (map_out.size == map_in.size);
    memcpy (,, map_out.size);

Is it possible to set the input buffer size? Ideally I want the the
map_in.size to be a power of 2.
I know there is a /_class_init/ function where I could potentially set up
the buffer sizes, but for me it is not clear how to do that.

Thank you guys!

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