seek on filesrc with TS file

Marianna S. Buschle msb at
Thu May 20 07:15:12 UTC 2021


Thanks for the suggestions.

A different container is not really a viable option.
Some parts of our pipeline need to be TS and we would therefore like to keep
TS all over instead of having to re-mux in some parts (fx to save/load

I have tried to use:
and get exactly the same behavior.

First seek runs fine, subsequent seeks don't because `tsdemux` has problem
converting the time...

I have done key-frame seeking in TS for another app, because I can switch
outputs, and it is possible to make it work.
Though I remember it required some specific settings and a `h264parse` in
order to keep the necessary flags.

I will try debugging the `tsdemux` to find out exactly what goes wrong in
the 2nd seek: `tsdemux tsdemux.c:917:gst_ts_demux_do_seek: Couldn't convert
start position to an offset`

Though I can probably work around it for this specific case since I want to
use it for replay, so I dont expect to need multiple seeks, I just though it
was a very odd behavior...

Any idea why doing stopping and then trying to start the pipeline again
results in failed negotiation? (state=PLAYING then state=NULL and then
state=PLAYING again)
Maybe something to do with the linking of the tsdemux?

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