leak on playing a sequence of movie files on MAC

watanabe j.watanabe at co-nss.co.jp
Wed May 26 07:18:46 UTC 2021

I want to play a sequence of movie files continuously on MAC.
To do this, I added some code to iOS tutorial 3 as follows to start the next
movie when currently playing movie is ended.
Playing is OK for some time, but the number of gldisplay-event thread and
memory usage inclease and eventualy my app is crashed because of shortage of
Is theare any idea to avoid this?

-(void) play
    // added to start the next movie
    if (pipeline == NULL) {
0), ^{
            [self app_function];
    [self setUIMessage:"playing"];
    if(gst_element_set_state(pipeline, GST_STATE_PLAYING) ==
        [self setUIMessage:"Failed to set pipeline to playing"];

My environment is:
MAC OS: 11.3.1(Big Sur)
GStreamer version: 1.16.2
The original code: iOS tutorial 3: Video


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