Gstreamer crash on running pipeline

Oyku TEKIN otekin at
Thu May 27 08:50:31 UTC 2021


We have struggled with a problem. We will be glad for your help.

We will briefly pass development environment.

-          Our yocto Project is dunfell branch,

-          gstreamer version is 1.16.3,

-          the cpu is imx6q

-          gcc version is 9.3

We are using two pipelines running simultaneously for /dev/video0 and /dev/video1 and the following pipeline is for /dev/video0 :

v4l2src device=/dev/video1 ! queue ! imxvpuenc_h264 name=imxvpuenc_4 bitrate=6000 ! queue ! h264parse name=h264parse_4 !  queue ! splitmuxsink name=splitmuxsink_4  max-size-time=30000000000 async-handling=true mux-overhead=0.05 message-forward=true async-finalize=true muxer-factory=avimux location=/tmp/ssd/split_video%d.avi alsasrc do-timestamp=true provide-clock=false ! audio/x-raw,rate=8000,channels=2,format=S16LE,layout=interleaved ! queue ! audiomixer latency=200000000 name=mix ! queue ! mulawenc ! splitmuxsink_4.audio_0 audiotestsrc name=tonegen_4 freq=1000 volume=0 is-live=true ! audio/x-raw,rate=8000,channels=2,format=S16LE,layout=interleaved ! queue ! mix.

We have encountered some crash undeterministicly. Sometimes works correctly at least one day sometimes 10 minutes.

We got signals like SIGBUS,SIGHUP,SIGILL,SIGSEGV. That is also tested with gst-launch.
Core dump usually  shows crash on audio elements and queues after audio elements (after alsa src, audiomixer and audiotestsrc). It is also rarely on queue after v4l2src.

gdb shows corrupted stack prevents further investigation for us.
valgrind pipelines could not work properly because of processing power.

According to all test that we have done so far, there is no problem without audio.

Have you ever encountered such things ? Do you have suggestion ?
Thanks in advanced.

Software Engineer<>
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